Saturday, May 12, 2007

[video] Pitbull's La Esquina - Out da' Closet

[video] Pitbull's La Esquina - Out da' Closet
"Welcome to Pitbull's La Esquina, where episodic 'street sitcom' meets variety-style entertainment for a brand-new show format. Hip-hop artist Pitbull has made out of the 'hood' - Little Havana, Florida - but he keeps it real by hanging there with his barber and comic sidekick, The Fademaster. Each week the two entertain their buddies on the legendary Miami corner (La Esquina) by dreaming up comic wagers to settle their disagreements on important issues of the day. Pop culture celebrities also drop in to weigh in on the humorous debates that unfold while Pit hangs with his 'peeps'. We also get to meet the colorful citizens of the '305' ... in Postcards from the Third World, where everyone has an opinion! Drop in on Pitbull's La Esquina for a real 'street' entertainment experience." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Pit bets Fademaster that a diminutive gay guy he knows (Esteban) can beat the daylights out of their oversized buddy, C***h. Joining the group are: Esteban, C***h, Enrique Santos, Jeronimo, Steve.
Just gotta put those freebies up there
~Adam Taylor

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