Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anti-Jagex Discussion!

The Anti-Jagex Forums

The Forums to Discuss the Corruptness of Jagex Moderation...

 My friend recently introduced me to this awesome new forum that her and her friend put together. Currently: Secret ;) is a new forum so that Ruenscape members, players, or ex-players can discuss how coprrupt the Moderation System for Jagex is. I am a registered member of this forum and cannot wait to see how big it becomes. I am registered as grim.artist. 

    This forum includes the main three strikes against Jagex;

  • Strike 1: User Searches

  • Strike 2: A Newspaper

  • Strike 3: No Spam?

     This is a very interesting forum that should definately be checked out.

To ad some more pizzazz to this post, I am including a funny YouTube video of Runescape called 99 Cabbages.

                                                                                ~Adam Taylor

[Currently: Secret;) ] MooCakes and Phonixfire



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