Saturday, May 12, 2007

BlueBox MiJam Mini Keyz Miniature Keyboard Accessory

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 As one of two new MiJam series iPod-compatible toys from BlueBox (aka
b2), the MiJam Mini Keyz combines 8 synthesizer-style keys and simple
drum loops to add musical notes and beats to an iPod's audio. One cable
connects to your iPod's headphone port, the other to an included
speaker so you can hear your combined music out loud. A headphone port
lets you work in quiet, or connect a recording device (not included) to
preserve your playing. Mini Keys' output is adjusted with tiny Tempo
Up/Down and Volume Up/Down buttons, as well as Rhythm and Style buttons
that transform the type of synthesized music it's playing.


This product looks like a great idea. I have not purchased it, so I don't know how user-friednly it is.

I have seen a similar product like this, but the one I saw was very generic. It was at KB Toys. You plug up your Ipod and move the spinner like a scratch disc for a DJ. This product is much more advanced and probably has better quality. Something I will definately check out.

                                                                                                                      ~Adam Taylor

Product Information:

Company: BlueBox


Model: miJam Mini Keyz

Price: $20


Here are some pictures obtained from ILounge;

A 5g Black ipod connected to the Minikeyz Product

Unhooked Minikeyz

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