Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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A Self-Standing Broom!

I recently went through my old digital photos and found a small one taken on a cell phone of a broom. The amazing part was that day, we could get any broom to stand on its own. We only took one picture =(, but we did it on many surfaces and with a few different brooms.


HowTo: Fly With TB

How to fly with tuberculosis? Just fly to Canada and drive into the U.S.!

Let's pretend your infected and want to fly to your European wedding, then just go through Canada on your way back and avoid American law enforcement!

This Gridskipper blog post describes one man's journey to avoid American authority, go to his wedding in Greece and his honeymoon, then fly back to Canada, and his drive to Georgia, where he was quarantined for the first time in a long while.

What kind of idiot would do such a thing? Especially when it risks the lives of many people who were on the planes. A terrorist indeed. ;-) ~Adam~


Sunday, May 20, 2007

How To Give Your Photo A Movie-Like Quality

300 The Movie Screenshots, By...

The Ebin, digital media blog gives an awesome tutorial on how to transform any photo and make it look like a scene from a movie. This nice tutorial is for Photoshop and is very easy. (It may not look easy at a glance, but follow the directions and it takes about 30 seconds.

I find this to be a very useful tutorial. It completely transforms my photos, it's amazing.

New Name Change?!?!?

New Name Change?

Yes, that's right. The Notebook News Blog is expanding a lot, (that part is still a work in progress...) and we have decided to rename it. Of course, the question pops up, what to name? You know what we provide, (if not, review the blog so far,) and only readers can decide on a name. (We are also working on directing more readers our way, too :) ) What good is a lot of great news if we have to make it fit in a Notebook? None, so help us decide on a new name.

There will be new features with the updated blog, such as;

  • more interactive web features,
  • we are trying to bring a better podcast,
  • and a forum, for when we get more readers and supporters.

Supporting us by offering ideas of helping us out with the blog would be greatly appreciated and worth it. So, please do it.

~Adam Taylor

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New Flickr slideshow embedder!

Embed Flickr Slideshows Super EZ with

I know of a few people who would love a good, easy way to embed their Flicker pics and slideshows on their blogs, and of course there isn't a completely easy way. But now there is. If you want to embed your pictures or slideshows in your website or blog, check out flickrSLiDR.

With flickrSLiDR, all you have to do is paste the URL of the picture, username, photoset, slideshow or whatever else you would like to wave around, set the parameters for the slideshow (basic only =[) and you're done. It's a very useful and user friendly tool that should become a part of Flickr. (Of course, that won't happen. :( )
~Adam Taylor

flickrSLiDR [via etc blog]

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oprah's Polydactyl

I have recently seen a very strange and disturbing picture. Oprah has polydactyl! (She has six toes.) I don't even know what to say about this, so let me know through comments and emails. It's not a big deal, I just wasn't expecting it I guess. I found it today on TheMaxFM blog, but the never post much, so all they had was a picture.

Oprah's Polydactyl

[The MaxFM Blog]

Monday, May 14, 2007

Currently: Secret ;) Update

Currently: Secret ;)
A great forum to bash Jagex and talk about what they are doing wrong!

I recently blogged about this forum, which was supposed to be a nice place to bash Jagex and discuss what they are doing wrong with their moderation system. well, Jagex (being the snobby retards they are,) gave the creator an order of cease and desist. They tracked her IP address to her Runescape Member account username. They told her she would be banned and sued for possible hacking and releasing private and copyrighted material to the public. The problem with that is, the only thing that could be considered that was the copy of the P-Mod Newspaper she had posted up there. Not realizing this, the creator closed down the forum. She is now starting a RPG in it and hopes to rebuild it's status. I hope to help regain the threads bashing Jagex, since they have nothing else they can do about it. Besides, there is no rule against it in the first place. There is rules against certain things in websites, there is nothing they have against the forums besides the cheated copy of the newspaper. But we will just have to see what happens....
~Adam Taylor
[Currently: Secret ;)]

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Trojan War Blog is No More!

The Trojan War:
There is a war. A very strange war that started a few hundred years ago in Europe. This war is a war against the evil powers of, The Trojan Horse.

Yes, this was a blog that I had started. This blog was to be great, with much information about tech news and updates in the new world of innovation. Most of it concerning computers and spyware/ trojans. But sadly, with my blog system currently being under one poster, I have not much time for this blog. I am currently archiving it and removing it from existence. I will still continue to keep you up to dat with this blog. The great blog for all you needs.
~Adam Taylor

How To Replace Important Documents

How to replace lost or destroyed documents;

This interesting bargaineering blog entry explains a few methods of replacing lost important documents such as;

  • Passports

  • Marriage Licenses (Or divorce papers)

  • Diplomas

This blog should be checked out if you need to replace anything.

It's not like you purposefully lose anything, but every person loses something in their life. it doesn't matter who or what you are. And quite frankly, you'll lose something important.

This financial blog has a few good tips on how to handle replacing these documents besides yelling, screaming, cussing and/or crying about it. (Besides, that never gets you anywhere...)

~Adam Taylor

How to Replace Destroyed or Lost Important Documents


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Anti-Jagex Discussion!

The Anti-Jagex Forums

The Forums to Discuss the Corruptness of Jagex Moderation...

 My friend recently introduced me to this awesome new forum that her and her friend put together. Currently: Secret ;) is a new forum so that Ruenscape members, players, or ex-players can discuss how coprrupt the Moderation System for Jagex is. I am a registered member of this forum and cannot wait to see how big it becomes. I am registered as grim.artist. 

    This forum includes the main three strikes against Jagex;

  • Strike 1: User Searches

  • Strike 2: A Newspaper

  • Strike 3: No Spam?

     This is a very interesting forum that should definately be checked out.

To ad some more pizzazz to this post, I am including a funny YouTube video of Runescape called 99 Cabbages.

                                                                                ~Adam Taylor

[Currently: Secret;) ] MooCakes and Phonixfire



Download Windows Vista?

Download Windows Vista? Yes, you can

Have you heard the news? Windows Vista upgrade editions are available
to download now through your digital locker at Windows Marketplace.


Interesting... I dunno how safe that will turn out to be, though. We'll just have to see. I'm not a big fan of Vista, I'm just used to the look and feel of XP. Plus, Vista has new security protection against aghem, stray (fake) programs...

~Roshan Cover

How to accelerate video streaming on Youtube?

you ever felt bored waiting for a Youtube video to stream? The best
technique you used till today would be 'hit the pause button and get a
coffee'. Now there's a better way if you use firefox. A new greasemonkey
script Coralized Youtube makes Youtube videos stream faster. This user
script uses Coral Content Distribution Network to accelerate video
performance on YouTube.Install this script from here.

those who don't use firefox there's a solution for you people
too. Download SpeedBit Video Accelerator for YouTube which also does the
same job. It is basically a Web Accelerator which makes your videos
stream faster and play smoother reducing buffering problems. You can
download SpeedBit Video Accelerator for YouTube from here.


Awesome greasemonkey script.

~Adam Taylor

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TinyMCE 2.1.1 Released

[Quoted From]

This release contains lots and lots of bug fixes and a few new features. Here are some details on some of them.

added a new forced_root_block option, this enables you to force TinyMCE
to always place any non block elements at root level into a block such
as a P tag or a DIV.

Google video and YouTube support is now
built in to the media plugin simply paste a URL to such a resource into
the URL field of the media plugin and it will setup everything for you.
We have been thinking of making separate dialogs for external video
files but this will have to postponed for a future release.

new default_document option was added this option makes it possible to
use TinyMCE in a cross domain environment. This is more likely to be
used by larger sites or corporations and if you don't know what the
problem is don't bother to use the option. smile

core has been cleaned some by removing unused code blocks, rewriting
lots of it and use simpler methods for property retrieval.

characters are no longer encoded since they only need to be encoded if
they are places in attributes using apos characters as their separator
values and TinyMCE doesn't support such elements since 99% of the web
don't use them.

A old but annoying bug regarding IE and the
removal of width and height attributes has now finally been resolved.
So now you can have tags like <img src="my.gif" width="100" /> if
you like.

Removed support and logic for IE 5.0. That browser is just to old now
days and companies like Yahoo are beginning to end their support for it

Anyway, thanks a lot for all bug reports and patches for this release.

Best regards,

Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE


New Release! I gotta update... ~Adam Taylor 

New Portable Apps Launched!

[Quoted Directly from]


ClamWin Portable 0.90.2 Released

from - Portable software for USB drives - Your
Digital Life, Anywhere™

ClamWin Portable version 0.90.2 has been released. ClamWin Portable is the
popular ClamWin antivirus
packaged as a portable app, so you can
take your antivirus with you to scan files on the go. This new release updates
the included ClamWin Antivirus to 0.90.2 and is now packaged with an easy to
use Installer. It's packaged in Format for
easy integration with the Suite. ClamWin Portable is available for
immediate download from the ClamWin
Portable homepage


FileZilla Portable 2.2.32 Released

from - Portable software for USB drives - Your
Digital Life, Anywhere™

eZilla Portable version 2.2.32 has been released. FileZilla Portable is the
lightweight FileZilla FTP client packaged as a portable app, so you can FTP on the go.
This new release updates the included FileZilla binaries to version 2.2.32, has
improved settings handling and now uses a Installer. And, it's
packaged in PortableApps Format so it can easily integrate with the PortableApps Suite.
Get it from the FileZilla
Portable homepage


These are both great programs that I use often myself. I don't need
FileZilla that much anymore, but ClamWin is a great help. I just install it on
my flash drive and wherever I go I can scan a computer or a file I am about to

A definite download or update for anyone who loves portable apps.

~Adam Taylor

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BlueBox MiJam Mini Keyz Miniature Keyboard Accessory

[Quoted Directly from]


 As one of two new MiJam series iPod-compatible toys from BlueBox (aka
b2), the MiJam Mini Keyz combines 8 synthesizer-style keys and simple
drum loops to add musical notes and beats to an iPod's audio. One cable
connects to your iPod's headphone port, the other to an included
speaker so you can hear your combined music out loud. A headphone port
lets you work in quiet, or connect a recording device (not included) to
preserve your playing. Mini Keys' output is adjusted with tiny Tempo
Up/Down and Volume Up/Down buttons, as well as Rhythm and Style buttons
that transform the type of synthesized music it's playing.


This product looks like a great idea. I have not purchased it, so I don't know how user-friednly it is.

I have seen a similar product like this, but the one I saw was very generic. It was at KB Toys. You plug up your Ipod and move the spinner like a scratch disc for a DJ. This product is much more advanced and probably has better quality. Something I will definately check out.

                                                                                                                      ~Adam Taylor

Product Information:

Company: BlueBox


Model: miJam Mini Keyz

Price: $20


Here are some pictures obtained from ILounge;

A 5g Black ipod connected to the Minikeyz Product

Unhooked Minikeyz

[video] Pitbull's La Esquina - Out da' Closet

[video] Pitbull's La Esquina - Out da' Closet
"Welcome to Pitbull's La Esquina, where episodic 'street sitcom' meets variety-style entertainment for a brand-new show format. Hip-hop artist Pitbull has made out of the 'hood' - Little Havana, Florida - but he keeps it real by hanging there with his barber and comic sidekick, The Fademaster. Each week the two entertain their buddies on the legendary Miami corner (La Esquina) by dreaming up comic wagers to settle their disagreements on important issues of the day. Pop culture celebrities also drop in to weigh in on the humorous debates that unfold while Pit hangs with his 'peeps'. We also get to meet the colorful citizens of the '305' ... in Postcards from the Third World, where everyone has an opinion! Drop in on Pitbull's La Esquina for a real 'street' entertainment experience." -- iTunes Store

wnload Now!

Episode Summary
Pit bets Fademaster that a diminutive gay guy he knows (Esteban) can beat the daylights out of their oversized buddy, C***h. Joining the group are: Esteban, C***h, Enrique Santos, Jeronimo, Steve.
Just gotta put those freebies up there
~Adam Taylor

Friday, May 11, 2007

A Reminder About Battery Recalls

A reminder about some major laptop battery recalls over the last year:

The batteries have been identified by the manufacturers as having the potential to catch fire or explode. Although the chances are low, it worth a couple of minutes to click a link above and see if your laptop is affected.

[Via: Geeks To Go]

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Myspace/Photobucket Overlap NEarly 100%

Quoted from Tech Crutch

NewsCorp plans to pay half as much for Photobucket as they did for MySpace. Photobucket is going for $300 million with the earnout (a steal compared to Google/YouTube), and MySpace was acquired for $580 million, back in 2005.

Two separate analytics services, though, show that the Photobucket deal will bring very few new customers to MySpace because of the nearly 100% overlap in users.

Nielsen/Netratings says MySpace has 55.9 million monthly unique visitors, compared to Photobucket’s 14.7 million. Combined though, the sites will have just 57.7 million unique visitors. That means just just 1.8 million of Photobucket’s visitors don’t currently visit MySpace, too. That’s a 3% gain for MySpace. If you count just new users, MySpace is paying $167 for each one of them.

Comscore tells a similar story, showing that 77% of Photobucket’s users are also visiting MySpace regularly.

As a point of comparison, the overlap between Google and YouTube was even greater according to Comscore. At the time of the acquisition in October 2006, 80% of YouTube’s users also visited Google regularly.

MySpace already offers its users the same basic services as Photobucket (photo and video sharing). If they aren’t buying Photobucket for the product and they aren’t getting any new users…t hen why are they buying them? To limit the availability of Photobucket features and all that user content to other fast-growing social networks without these features? Because they can? Let’s see what MySpace has to say about this as the deal closes.

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Using Google's Blogsearch Portal for Advertising

Everybody hates those annoying pop-ups, banners, ads and "Ads provided by Google", well, they still seem to get you to think about buying things, don't they?

This Google Tutor blog post talks about many ways to find the right blogs and websites to post your links on so that you get the right customers...

 Google Tutor> Using Google's Blogsearch Portal for Advertising

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Magnetosphere 0.1 Beta Released! (ITunes plugin)

Quoted Directly from
Barbarian Software has just released version 0.1 beta of Magnetosphere, hands down the most amazing looking and mesmerizing iTunes visualization plug-in we have ever seen. To quote its creator:
Here is this thing that does stuff in iTunes. There is magnetism, there is gravity, but on top of all of that, there is awesomeness. Watch as all the dots and ribbons go bouncy bouncy when you play music and trigger this mo-fo of a visualizer. This is the future of visuals. God help you if you smoke the reefer cause you can kiss your productivity goodbye.

If you are even remotely amused by the standard iTunes visualizer, you owe it to yourself to check out Magnetosphere. This plug-in is available for iTunes for both Mac OS X and Windows.
Barbarian Software has just released version 0.1 beta of Magnetosphere, hands down the most amazing looking and mesmerizing iTunes visualization plug-in we have ever seen. To quote its creator:
Here is this thing that does stuff in iTunes. There is magnetism, there is gravity, but on top of all of that, there is awesomeness. Watch as all the dots and ribbons go bouncy bouncy when you play music and trigger this mo-fo of a visualizer. This is the future of visuals. God help you if you smoke the reefer cause you can kiss your productivity goodbye.If you are even remotely amused by the standard iTunes visualizer, you owe it to yourself to check out Magnetosphere. This plug-in is available for iTunes for both Mac OS X and Windows.
Happily, despite the amazing visuals, Magnetosphere is not the most CPU or GPU-hungry visualization plug-in out there. [UPDATE: ...though, after enjyoing Magnetosphere on our 3GHz quad-Xeon Mac Pro w/ ATI X1900 XT gfx, we note that it pushes our 1.42GHz G4 Mac mini a little harder... Amazing!] Take hold!
This sound pretty cool, I'll be sure to check it out...

Free ITunes Downloads!

Ms. Pac MAn Game Demo
"Relive the retro action with the queen of the arcades in this demo version of Ms. PAC-MAN for your iPod. Chomp your way to a champion score as you gobble dots, chase down delicious bouncing fruit, and eat up the ghosts when they're feeling blue. Or get the full version of the game where you can learn the twists and turns of four unique maze designs in the 256 levels of the classic game." -- iTunes Store

Free demo now on iTunes
Download Now!

VangoNote Audio Book
"Study on the go with VangoNotes. Just download chapter reviews from your text and listen to them on any mp3 player. Now wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you can study by listening to the following for each chapter of your textbook: Big Ideas: Your "need to know" for each chapter, Practice Test: A gut check for the Big Ideas, tells you if you need to keep studyingKey Terms: Audio "flashcards" to help you review key concepts and termsRapid Review: A quick drill session, use it right before your test." -- iTunes StoreDownload Now!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Sorry For The Delay Guys...

Hello readers and sorry for no posts Recently…

The current storm (which is awesome) has knocked out my power, so I am bloggin from the local library.
You shoulda seen the blogs I had planned out, but my main Desktop that I was using got attacked. It kept restarting and finally quit booting. I now have 4 fried computers in pieces in my room. Not a good thing....
But I do have one desktop left that I have great expectations for in Blogger.
Limited Windows XP, though.
Now, onto something you might actually care about…
My future savior from hard drive crashes. To most people, a hard drive crash is a terrible disaster. But with services like XDrive and MediaMax (with 25 gb of online storage) you can back up all of your files so a computer crash won’t stop you from getting your work done. There are many uses for these services, especially when combined with GMail and Google Docs and Spreadsheets.
What do you want to see on my blog? Think about it, and let me know, either on an Odeo, comment, or email them to me at;Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket.