Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Name Change?!?!?

New Name Change?

Yes, that's right. The Notebook News Blog is expanding a lot, (that part is still a work in progress...) and we have decided to rename it. Of course, the question pops up, what to name? You know what we provide, (if not, review the blog so far,) and only readers can decide on a name. (We are also working on directing more readers our way, too :) ) What good is a lot of great news if we have to make it fit in a Notebook? None, so help us decide on a new name.

There will be new features with the updated blog, such as;

  • more interactive web features,
  • we are trying to bring a better podcast,
  • and a forum, for when we get more readers and supporters.

Supporting us by offering ideas of helping us out with the blog would be greatly appreciated and worth it. So, please do it.

~Adam Taylor

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