Monday, May 14, 2007

Currently: Secret ;) Update

Currently: Secret ;)
A great forum to bash Jagex and talk about what they are doing wrong!

I recently blogged about this forum, which was supposed to be a nice place to bash Jagex and discuss what they are doing wrong with their moderation system. well, Jagex (being the snobby retards they are,) gave the creator an order of cease and desist. They tracked her IP address to her Runescape Member account username. They told her she would be banned and sued for possible hacking and releasing private and copyrighted material to the public. The problem with that is, the only thing that could be considered that was the copy of the P-Mod Newspaper she had posted up there. Not realizing this, the creator closed down the forum. She is now starting a RPG in it and hopes to rebuild it's status. I hope to help regain the threads bashing Jagex, since they have nothing else they can do about it. Besides, there is no rule against it in the first place. There is rules against certain things in websites, there is nothing they have against the forums besides the cheated copy of the newspaper. But we will just have to see what happens....
~Adam Taylor
[Currently: Secret ;)]

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