Saturday, May 12, 2007

TinyMCE 2.1.1 Released

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This release contains lots and lots of bug fixes and a few new features. Here are some details on some of them.

added a new forced_root_block option, this enables you to force TinyMCE
to always place any non block elements at root level into a block such
as a P tag or a DIV.

Google video and YouTube support is now
built in to the media plugin simply paste a URL to such a resource into
the URL field of the media plugin and it will setup everything for you.
We have been thinking of making separate dialogs for external video
files but this will have to postponed for a future release.

new default_document option was added this option makes it possible to
use TinyMCE in a cross domain environment. This is more likely to be
used by larger sites or corporations and if you don't know what the
problem is don't bother to use the option. smile

core has been cleaned some by removing unused code blocks, rewriting
lots of it and use simpler methods for property retrieval.

characters are no longer encoded since they only need to be encoded if
they are places in attributes using apos characters as their separator
values and TinyMCE doesn't support such elements since 99% of the web
don't use them.

A old but annoying bug regarding IE and the
removal of width and height attributes has now finally been resolved.
So now you can have tags like <img src="my.gif" width="100" /> if
you like.

Removed support and logic for IE 5.0. That browser is just to old now
days and companies like Yahoo are beginning to end their support for it

Anyway, thanks a lot for all bug reports and patches for this release.

Best regards,

Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE


New Release! I gotta update... ~Adam Taylor 

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