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Runescape Updates!

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12 February 2007 - A sq'irk a day...
Osman, known for his peaceful, innocent life relaxing in Al Kharid, has of late been miserably staring into an empty glass of sq’irk juice. For years he was able to deal directly with the sorceress to provide his favourite tipple, before their disagreement over prices. Since then, Osman has tried desperately to find out how she grows them, but the secret is so well kept that not even he can find it.
Osman has thus been forced into adopting a more devious (though some might say lazy) approach, and for that he will need your help. Once you work out how to get into the sorceress's concealed garden, it will be up to you to watch the routes of the patrolling guards and sneak past for the fruity rewards. Different seasons are rumoured to affect each of the gardens, and it can be assumed that more experienced thieves will have access to more bountiful sq’irk trees. Even if helping Osman is not to your taste, the gardens are also home to herb-beds, which could be plundered by those wary enough to avoid any guardians. So head to Al Kharid to help this thirsty gentleman of leisure or to stock up on ingredients - either way, there are profits to be had in this new minigame.
In other news:
Following requests from players, we've taken a look at the way the combat system handles your attack style when you're autocasting spells. People were finding that the system would put them into the defensive mode if they ran out of runes or switched to a different kind of weapon. This isn't necessarily useful, since some fighters prefer not to get Defence XP.
Instead, the system will now try to remember the last combat mode you were in before you started autocasting spells. If you're autocasting spells in the mode that doesn't give Defence XP and you switch weapons or run out of runes, you should find yourself in that combat mode. If you're autocasting spells in the mode that does give Defence XP, you should instead find yourself in a defensive combat mode.
As with all changes to the combat system, we advise you to take extra care, to make sure things are behaving how you expect them to.

Players' Gallery Makeover
13 February 2007 - Players' Gallery Makeover

We've made some minor changes to this month's gallery. The popular pixel art image is now viewable in a complete form, with a link to the image at its original size, along with some other minor improvements. Also, three lovely new images now fill the gaps created by making that change.
Having bounced from town to town, showing-off the magnificent artwork that he has accumulated, Postie Pete has noticed that his pictures are getting a bit worn. Teeth marks have been appearing around the edges (you try to show the Kalphite Queen a painting using only your mouth) and the magical laminate has been wearing off. In an attempt to keep his gallery pristine, Postie Pete has visited his old drinking pal, Salarin the Twisted, who has conjured up a magnificent new viewing receptacle for his beloved artwork. Check out the new Players' Gallery page for a guided tour and a fine new selection of creative wonders!
Postie Pete has also asked permission to mention a second change to the Players' Gallery. A new email address, , has been set-up for your admissions. He has been worried that artwork may have been getting mixed up with his letters, and he can't be having that!

14 February 2007 - Minigame updates

The Barbarian Assault minigame has received a small update today. Those who have been successfully defeating the vile Penance creatures will be pleased to hear that Commander Connad is now offering even greater rewards than before for anyone who feels brave enough to risk their points in his high-level gamble.
The barbarians are also offering a new way to cash in points to advance your level in the four roles. At the end of a wave, the message scroll now features a button that will let you exchange points for a higher level in the role you have just played. This lets you advance your level without leaving your team-mates to visit Commander Connad.
In addition to these changes, the Sorceress's apprentice is now refusing to let people take pets into the Sorceress's Garden.

14 February 2007 - German Language Beta Launch – Some Information

Hello and guten Tag!
As you might have noticed, we've just added a German language option to the sidebar on the front page of our website. This goes to a section of this website where all the text in the game and on the website has been translated into German.
At the moment our German section is online for testing only, which means not all areas are available to everyone yet. Anyone can view the open areas, but the areas which need a login (including the game itself) are currently running in “closed beta” mode, which means you will only be able to visit them if we have specifically invited you to take part.
As you know, we only ever contact people through their message inbox in the secure customer support section of the website, so if you haven’t had a message from us, then you haven’t been asked to try them out. You’re not missing out on anything, though: there are no special new objects or anything new at all on the German worlds, only that the Wise Old Man, Bob and everything else is “auf Deutsch”!
IMPORTANT WARNING: Remember that we only ever contact players via their RuneScape message inbox on this website. We will NEVER invite you via your email or via in-game messages, so DO NOT FALL FOR ANY SCAMS. Also we do NOT have secret sites on which you can sign up for the German beta. Any site claiming to be such is a fake designed to steal your password.
Just as a reminder, your messages from us can only be read by clicking on the “Read your messages from Jagex” button on the front page of our website, in the “Account management” section on the left of the page.
We are not currently looking for any more people to join the beta test, so please do not contact our staff to offer your services and, again, beware of people offering to ‘get you in’.
The people who have been invited were chosen randomly from a list of our German players. They are not being paid or given any special treatment by us, they are simply given the opportunity to try out the new German servers and help us iron out the bugs before they are opened to the rest of the public. A huge amount of effort has gone into translating the roughly 1.5 million words on the website and the game, but some of our NPCs (especially King Roald) have been less than cooperative while learning this new language, so one or two words might have slipped through the net.
Players on these closed beta worlds (139 F2P and 140 members) will still be able to talk to their friends and play the game as normal.
Once the “closed beta” stage has finished and we have educated all of our NPCs about the proper way to pronounce “Wiederherstellungstrank”, we will be opening the servers for everyone to use, just like all of our existing servers.
Thank you... and danke!
(Wiederherstellungstrank means restore pot... honest)

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