Sunday, February 18, 2007

Random Stuff... Wootness!

Okay, just some random stuff... Woot!
I might start a podcast, but I'm not sure.. Inspired by Dragons Landing Inn and Gamer: The Podcasting. If you have any stips, suggestions or ideas, please email them to me at .
Also, do you have Gmail? It is really cool and if you email me with ideas or something helpful, I will send you an incitation to Gmail. (of course, you have to ask after suggestions) But don't just email me for invites, I will immediatley mark your address as 'Spam'.
I am in need of some serious item, spell and dungeon ideas. Please email those to me as well. Anyone who has some real nice D&D official-looking art that could send that in too, please do.
Runescape Notes;
Magick Training;
What is the fastest free-user way to train magick? I really need to get my magick level to 55 for high alch. and I can't wait forever to do it...

How exactly do you train HP?
Please send these in I appreciate your help.
That's it I guess...

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