Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Runescape Quest Guide!

While working on the new RPG section for my community, I have gotten together with a friend and created our first Quest Guide for Runescape! (NO Stealing! Seriously...)
It's a PDF, too! I'll see if I can attatch it...
In other notes, I have found a couple of handy websites for webmasters and gamers alike.
First an Advanced D&D Website I've been dying to share; Dragonsfoot! It is the best website I have seen for AD&D. They have their own forums, spell library, free adventures and novels, character sheets and more. Go to to check it out!

The Next one is one for webmasters or frequent web surfers. SnipURL is a very handy site. Don't you just hate it when you get those long website address and can't take the time to remember them or write them down? Well, with SnipURL, you can just paste the address and it "Snips the URL" down so it is easier to use!

Last in the notes for right now; NetLingo... This website is very useful for new Internet useful, or for people who want to understand online chat easier. Check it out here; ...

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