Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Runescape Scammers Stink

This is very unfair. There are many players of Runescape out there and their only want is to steal from 0ther, innocent players. What kind of low-life person would do this????
Here's an example from an update post...
(Update From

19 December 2006 - Fake websites

We're seeing a growing number of people in our game and on our forums advertising scam websites which are designed to steal your RuneScape password.
These websites generally offer you something amazing, such as a sneak preview of a forthcoming RuneScape update, thus tempting you into giving away your password in your excitement. Even if the website itself doesn't ask you to enter your RuneScape password, it might install malicious software on your computer that would steal your password the next time you type it.
In particular, we would like to make it very clear that websites promoting sequels or spinoffs relating to our games are fake. Similarly, websites offering RuneScape benefits or the chance to become a moderator are fake. None of these websites should be trusted.
Think about it for a moment: If we had made something new and fun, we wouldn't hide it on a different website. We'd tell you all about it right here on, like we did when we were working on RuneScape 2. So if you've found something that claims to be from us, but it's not mentioned on or then it is fake! We don't run secret websites.
If you see someone advertising a scam website in our game or forums, don't panic. You're safe so long as you don't visit the website. You can, however, help us by reporting them immediately, and we can take swift action to have their website removed by our Investigation Team.
If this happens in the game, please use the Report Abuse button at the bottom of your screen, selecting Rule 11: Advertising / website.
If the website is being advertised on our forums, please report it in the Forum Emergencies thread in the General forum, stating the thread's Quick-Find Code and the username of the player advertising the website. But don't post a copy of the website's address in the Forums Emergencies thread; that would help the scammers!
Thank you for your support.Happy holidays!
Even fake websites now? Can people not play for themselves?

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