Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Interfaces and spooky wallpapers

16 January 2007 - Interfaces and spooky wallpapers
This week brings a short break from the principal updates of the month, giving you all time to prepare for the forthcoming zombies and penguins! We've sent our highly talented team of artistic demons through some of the most commonly used interfaces and menus in the game and given them a much needed graphical makeover. Check out the new look of the Magic spellbook - now working without a scrollbar - and the Skill Advance guides. There's even a feature on the Friends List to show you which world you're on!
As you may be aware, we've been working very hard towards releasing RuneScape in other languages, and we need to free up more space on our interfaces for future developments. With this in mind, we've shrunk the text in the Quest Journal list by a point.
In addition to the in-game graphical update, we also bring you five new wallpapers. The undead beings of RuneScape have been getting rather jealous of the graphical updates other creatures have been receiving, so now it's their turn. Check out the concept art wallpapers to whet your appetite for this forthcoming update. We promise bones, bandages and braaaains galore!
Along with the creature concept image comes a bizarre holiday snap showing what Tim and Crunchy, the warrior and skeleton from the Detail Select page, did on their holidays, plus a candid insight into the world of the Wise Old Man - whatever could that be lurking beneath his desk? Head over to the Downloads page to see what all the fuss is about.
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